Talks and Workshops

Here are some details of the Talks and Workshops I can offer.
There are pictures in the Gallery.
Please contact me if you are interested in any of the following, I'd love to hear from you!
Talks -[/b]

Gargoyles, Ghosts and Gravestones[b]

Our Parish churches are treasure houses, full of history that you can touch and an amazing source of inspiration for Textile Art.
This talk tells of my many adventures ‘Church Crawling’ and describes how you might have fun discovering the wonders within and around your local church.
I’ll show you where to look for ideas for your art and where to find stories that will fascinate!

Hidden Paths and Legends[/b]

My talk begins with my first encounter with the world of Magic, when I was 4 years old.
It goes on to describe my ‘Textile journey’, the people, places and stories that have inspired me and ends by telling how I came to be making shoes for Fairies and books about Dragons.

[b]Finding the Magic

This talk details where I find my inspiration and how I use this to develop my work. Local legends, magical places and ideas are often the starting point.


Making Fairy Shoes or Pixie Boots [b]
(one day course)
Fairy Shoes 'Cobweb'

These little shoes are about 3 ½ inches long and can be tailor made for a Fairy or character from a story.
The day will include layering fabrics, hand and machine stitch, fabric painting and embellishing with cords, beads etc., and of course, spending a day letting your imagination run free!
* There are lots of pictures in the Gallery.

Inspiring Images[/b] (one day course)

Students will learn lots of exciting ways to transfer image and text onto fabric.
We won’t be using nasty chemicals, just ordinary things like emulsion paint, cling film and a hot iron!
At the end of the day we will have made a small concertina book containing all the samples and techniques.

[b]Embellished Birds
[/u](One day course)

Using an Embellishing machine or hand held needlefelting tool and scraps of scrim, lace, calico and wool fibres we will make a small and quirky wall hanging.
Finish with beads, hand/machine stitch and learn how versatile needle felting can be!

[u]Embellished Books Workshop
[/b].(one or two days)

Soft fabric books where your story can be told using various needlefelting techniques, applique and lots of hand stitching.

Needlefelted Brooches [b]
(one day)

Colourful, quirky brooches. With an embellishing machine or hand felting tool we will use scraps of felt, fabric and fibres to make a unique brooch.

*I can tailor a workshop to suit your group, for more information on this or any of the above please contact me, I’d love to hear from you!